Leica Q Firmware 2.0 Update


Leica Camera is pleased to inform you that new firmware, version 2.0 is available for the Leica Q. The new firmware includes new features and further improvements. The firmware is available for downloading by registered customers in the Leica Owners Area.

  • Firmware 2.0 boasts the following updated and new features:
  • DNG is now available as a separate mode.  
  • EVF extended mode is available and allows the user to switch to the monitor image for menu control and image review immediately by pressing the Menu or Play button.
  • The low shutter speed range has been extended, now capable of up to 120s.
  • The user Profile menu item is directly accessible with the FN button. It makes it easy to access any specific mode stored in the user profiles.
  • The level gauge display remains visible when the Shutter is pressed.
  • By pressing the delete button in 1 Point AF mode, the size of the AF field can be changed selected by using the thumbwheel. There are three selectable sizes: small, standard, large. When using the focal lengths 35 mm and 50 mm in Digital Zoom mode, the 1 Point AF field movement is limited to within the frames of the crop lines.
  • The Face Detection AF mode function is improved. The camera switches automatically to Multipoint AF if no face can be detected.
  • An additional information display screen has been added, with the option to display the lower bar separately.
  • The image playback touch-zoom function has changed.
  • Double-tapping calls up the maximum enlargement / reduces back to original size.
  • Long exposure / noise reduction countdown added.
  • Three modes, Off/Auto/Exp. Comp. available for the thumbwheel.
  • Mode Lock for the video button is now available, giving the user the option to deactivate the video recording button.
  • WiFi password setting is changed and all characters entered for the password remain visible during the process.
  • Leica flash units SF 40 and SF 64 are now supported. 
How to update the Leica Q Firmware:
  • It is important to have the battery fully charged when updating the firmware.
  • Download the new firmware file to your computer.
  • Format an SD card which has at least 60 MB of free space inside the camera.
  • Copy the firmware file to the root directory of the SD card.
  • Insert the SD card into the camera and switch it on while pressing the movie button.
  • Press ‘YES’ to start the update process.
  • Once the update is complete, restart the camera.
  • Update process is completed. After the update, all previous user profile settings will be deleted. All user profile settings must be reentered.
  • During the firmware update, do NOT do the following: Turn off the camera. Remove the battery or remove the memory card Failure to follow these instructions could damage your camera!

New Firmware for H6D-50c

New firmware for the H6D-50c is available to download.

There are ‘Read Me’ files with each download so please make sure you look through these first and follow the instructions on installing the updates.

Important upgrade information!

  • If you have v1.1.1 in the camera, please upgrade to v1.1.3 first.
  • H6D-100c is not supported by this firmware!

It’s free and easy to update your Hasselblad software and firmware. Updates add new features to your camera and allow it to work with new lenses, accessories, and computer operating systems.

Please log in to access the new firmware: http://www.hasselblad.com/support/manuals/medium-format-firmware

Updated firmware for Leica M/M-P Type 240, Leica M Typ 262, and Monochrom Typ 245

Leica has updated firmware for the Leica M/M-P Type 240, Leica M Typ 262, and Monochrom Typ 245. The new updates have major improvement and bug fixes.

To update the firmware of your camera, please following these instructions:

  1. Insert a fully charged battery into your M camera.
  2. Insert an SD memory card into your M camera that you can erase.
  3. Format the SD memory card in the camera (this will erase all photos and videos on the card!).
  4. Turn off the camera and remove the SD card.
  5. Insert the SD memory card into a card reader on your computer.
  6. Download the firmware for your camera model using the links above.
  7. Copy that firmware file (do not try to open it) onto the SD memory card. You don’t want to put it inside any of the folders on the card, but on the card’s “root directory.” You can drag the firmware file directly onto the SD card icon on your desktop.
  8. Eject the SD memory card properly from your computer.
  9. Insert the SD memory card into your camera (with the camera still turned off).
  10. Hold down the INFO button on the back of the camera, and then turn the camera on (while holding down the INFO button).
  11. The firmware update process will begin. It can take between 2-5 minutes. Do not touch any buttons on the camera or turn it off during this process.
  12. When the update is done, a message will indicate as such and you are ready to shoot!
  13. Below are the following direct firmware downloads from Leica’s site for each camera listed.


Leica T Firmware Update 1.5

Attention all Leica T owners. There is a new firmware update now available. Perks included in the new update include increased data speeds with external hotspots as well as being able to make your own personal hotspot. You can now directly link your Leica T to with your Leica T App installed on your smartphone or tablet. Data transfer and remote control of your Leica T even when internet connectivity is unavailable. Autofocus is now twice as fast and a faster startup time with this new update.  For more information and the new firmware download: http:us.leica-camera.com/Photograhy/Leica-T/Leica-T/Firmware-Update-1.5


Leica SL Firmware Update

Leica Camera is pleased to announce that a new firmware, version 2.0 has been released today for the Leica SL System. Registered owners may log in to the owners area on the website or bring it in to have it updated at any of our locations.

The new version includes new features and improvements. Such as additional shutter speeds, improved autofocus,direct exposure compensation, and various other enhancements.

The new firmware is available at https://owners.leica-camera.com