Mark de Paola: Photography Wide Open Masters Workshop January 26, 2017

Fine art photographer and director Mark de Paola presents an exclusive one day workshop at Camera West in Walnut Creek on Thursday, January 26th, 2017 from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Focused on “Photography Wide Open”, this seven-hour, shooting intensive, workshop is designed for creative photographers interested in stretching their imagination and expanding the traditional definition of portraiture.

For over 40 years Mark has used Leica cameras and lenses, especially the 50mm Noctilux, to deliver projects for clients ranging from Vogue and Gucci to Superbowl commercials and fine art photographic exhibitions.

His first-hand experience and wealth of still and motion imagery will provide a foundation for the class and serve as a point of inspiration during an afternoon of in-depth discussions and practical exercises.

 Topics covered include:

  • Historical overview of Leica glass and evolution.
  • The impact of lens choice on the creative process.
  • Maximizing your use of Leica lenses.
  • Working with natural light indoors and on-location.
  • Techniques for working at minimum focusing distance.
  • Capturing motion in a still image.
  • Understanding the collaboration between photographer and model.
  • After a morning of lectures, the class will break up into small groups to work with models on location and at selected outdoor locations. The sessions will conclude with a brief review of work from the day.

Owning a Leica is not required for this event.

Don’t miss your chance to discover how Mark came to find his own visual aesthetic and experience for yourself the process that allows him to dance on the threshold of exposure and minimum focus distances.

For more information call Camera West Walnut Creek (925) 935-1424. To check out Mark’s body of work, please visit his website

Camera West Yosemite Photo Event: May 3-6, 2017

We are very happy to present a special Spring Photo Event in Yosemite National Park.
Spring in Yosemite is a wonderful time for photographing because of the beautiful dogwood blossoms, flowing waterfalls, and the incredible natural scenery.
We have very limited space/room available and this event will fill up quickly, so please call Hal to reserve your spot, (925) 935-1424. Lodging and meals will be included, except for alcoholic beverages.

Jason Bradley: Advanced Lightroom Workshop Class, October 29th

Developing A Vision:

Join Camera West Walnut Creek for a special workshop with Jason Bradley, author of the new book Creative Workflow in Lightroom, published by Focal Press.  This is a full day event on Saturday, October 29th, from 9:30AM to 4:00PM.  The cost of the event is $149, and spaces are limited, so call the Camera West Walnut Creek at (925) 935-1424 to speak with a staff member to reserve your spot today.

The Creative Foundation: Managing your body work with the Library Module

Managing your work: Importing your archive, organizing your files, backing up and protecting your work, editing, and keyboarding. Creating collections is often viewed as a challenging part of Lightroom and modern digital photography.  Jason will help you create a streamlined workflow that will help you understand and master all of these important pieces to organizing your Library.  Bring your computers for this one, there will be walkthroughs. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us  (925) 935-1424 .