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Lunar Eclipse – Super Moon Photo Walk

Photos by Michael Maloney

With Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ playing in my head, I waited along with 20 friends of Camera West on a beautiful San Francisco evening for the moon to make her appearance. However, Mother Nature had other plans, testing our patience as the eclipsed moon did not appear on schedule due to a pesky layer of clouds.

But when she finally appeared, it was breathtaking. The night sky was in darkness but the Bay Bridge lights added a bit of sparkle to the scene.

Thank you to all the photo walk participants who joined me to witness this. I can’t wait to see the photos you came up with!

- Michael

We were treated to a colorful sunset, but unfortunately those beautiful clouds hid the moon until well after dark.

Deanna trains her Leica T on the lights of SF, while Abe aims his Nikon at the Bay Bridge.

Phil's Nikon mounted on a gimbal head gave him a solid foundation.

Experiencing the Leica M System

Photojournalist David Butow presents a slideshow of his work with the Leica

Thank you to Leica Akademie instructor Tom Brichta, photojournalist David Butow and all the participants who joined us yesterday for the Leica M Experience Day at Camera West Walnut Creek.

The Leica Akademie provided our participants with a suitcase full of M gear to try out including the M240, the M240 P, and even the new Monochrom 246.

With a small group setting and expert instruction from pros Tom Brichta and David Butow, participants had the opportunity to experience all the advantages of the Leica M system.

Photojournalist David Butow showed us why the Leica M is such an important tool for his work


Leica Akademie instructor Tom Brichta (left) and Dan H go over the M240


David Butow and Michael C (at left) compare images

As always, check out our events link on the Camera West website for upcoming events and don’t miss out on the next one!