Camera Obedience School with Gary Faye

Please join us at Camera West Rancho Mirage for a beginning photographer seminar dedicated to bringing a clear understanding of the digital cameras many options including menus, modes, lens choices, f stops, iso, histograms and assorted buttons that some avoid like a plague. Each topic is illustrated with pictures resulting in understanding craft and moving toward the pictures you intend. We will finish with a tamer camera. You will also be introduced to editing software. Remember, many important photographs in history were made with no menus and one button.

This casual presentation is especially appropriate for beginning photographers. There will be time for open conversation, questions and refreshments. Please RSVP early as each monthly session is limited to 12 participants.

Thursday, January 7th, 6:30-8:30 PM.

Cost is $50. per person.

Please call or email Camera West Rancho Mirage for more info or to sign up.


Leica Firmware Available for the Q Typ 116

Leica Camera has released firmware update version 1.1 for the Q Typ 116 camera,improving the image quality in lower ISO settings along with a few bug fixes.

Bug Fixes:

  • Exposure has been corrected in digiscoping mode after switching off and on again.
  • Improvement of the Live View in monochrome mode in combination with AF tracking. After installation of the new firmware the Live View now shows a monochrome image. For proper focusing the camera switches to color when pressing the shutter button half way.

Camera West Customer Published in LFI Magazine

Luis, the Tobacco Farmer - Photo by Linda Hansen

Good friend and customer of Camera West Linda Hanson has the distinguished honor of having two of her images published in the most recent LFI Magazine.

LFI (Leica Fotographie International) is an international magazine dedicated to all things Leica. They publish both online and a monthly magazine.

Click on this link to see her photos, one titled “Luis, the Tobacco Farmer” from her recent trip to Cuba and the other titled “Close the Gate” taken in rural Oregon. Linda’s great eye is usually behind her Leica M9, which she used for her great images.

Close the Gate - Photo by Linda Hanson

To see more of Linda’s fine work, go to her Flickr gallery.

New Firmware for the Sony A7RII and Sony A7SII

Sony has just released a new firmware update for the A7rII and A7sII which improves the 4K recording time when using the vertical grip,and also adds a ”Picture quality improvement”.