‘Home and Away’ Exhibit at the SF Swell Gallery

Camera West customer Daniel Postaer  in front of one of his photos.

Just a few more days to see the exhibit ‘Home and Away’, featuring Camera West customer Daniel Postaer’s photos along with fellow grad of the SF Art Institute, Filza Ahmad. Their photos are on display at the Swell Gallery at the SF Art Institute thru this Saturday, the 16th of November.

‘Home and Away’ showcases a series of images that deal with the dichotomy of the familiar and unfamiliar culminating from the individual journeys of photographers Daniel Postaer and Filza Ahmad.

Last summer, Postaer and Ahmad planned to travel to India on a photo-expedition led by Linda Connor. Due to heightened Pakistan-India political tensions and endless bureaucratic red tape, Ahmad (a Pakistani national) was unable to join the group as the Indian government denied her visa. Subsequently, Ahmad decided to capture, for the first time ever, her childhood home of Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia while Postaer continued on with a three-week exploration of Northern India. Both photographers gained access to often-misunderstood nations—reaching a greater sense of understanding of these places from behind the lens.

Swell Gallery

San Francisco Art Institute (Graduate Center)

615 22nd St

San Francisco, CA 94107

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