Tom Brichta: Passionate Artist, Inspired Instructor

Our good friend Tom Brichta was just featured in the Leica Camera Blog - for the 2nd time in 2 years. Tom is the Northern California sales manager for Leica Camera and can be found nearly every Wednesday morning at Camera West in Walnut Creek showing us the latest in Leica gear. Lately, Tom has been mostly involved with the Leica Akademie and the Leica Destination Workshops. sharing his extensive knowledge with Leica enthusiasts.

Here is his inspiring story of how he captures images of transcendent beauty with his Leica X Vario.


Our Substitute Photo Walk

Thank you to everyone who joined me this weekend for our substitute photo walk. I appreciate your flexibility as Mother Nature threw a wrench into our planned shoot in the vineyards! Due to a very dry summer, the fall colors in the Napa Valley peaked early, so we had to cancel the planned photo walk in the vineyards. So, as a substitute, we turned our attention and cameras to a trio of unique sea stacks located off the Marin County coast at Rodeo Beach.

Tom and Phil get their cameras set up on Rodeo Beach.

We met just before sunset, giving us time to set up for some long exposure photography. The weather was too nice however!  There was not a cloud in the sky, so the sunset was not as spectacular as it could have been, but no worries, as we were still able to practice shooting long exposures after the sun set – getting that unique slow shutter look to the moving water.

For those of you who missed out, we will repeat this same photo walk on December 22. There are still a few more spaces available so if interested in joining us, call or email Michael at Camera West in Walnut Creek. Details here.

Trudy and Phil as the sun dropped below the horizon.

Not a cloud in the sky unfortunately at sunset, but still a beautiful way to end the day!

2014 Leica Calendar on Sale at Camera West

Rene Burri, a full member of Magnum Photos since 1959, impacted 20th century photography like few others. Never satisfied with a simple form of visual documentation, Burri is always looking for unique perspectives and aesthetically demanding solutions, resulting in multi-layered images with a spontaneous yet precise composition.
In 2013, Leica Camera AG acknowledged the work of this keen-eyed master by granting him the Leica Hall of Fame Award. He selected the twelve images for this calendar himself – a reflection of his undiminished creativity.
This calendar is available at Camera West for $39.00.