Fort Point Photo Walk

Bob and Amanda shoot down one of the many brick-lined hallways at Fort Point.

What a great day we had yesterday at Fort Point in San Francisco! Thank you to all the participants for coming out and joining me on this photo walk. In order to accommodate everyone, we held two sessions – one in the morning and another in the afternoon.

The historic fort which at one time guarded San Francisco Bay offers many challenges and rewards to photographers trying to capture it’s beauty. Dark, brick- lined corridors with splotches of bright sun challenged us and the dynamic range of our cameras. Participants learned how to overcome that by using tripods, putting their cameras in manual metering modes, and using flash to help fill in the shadows.

A lookout tower on top of Fort Point and beneath the Golden Gate Bridge is seen through a weather stained window.

Laurie and Rudy check out the courtyard of Fort Point.

It seemed everywhere you looked, there was a photo waiting to be taken. Fort Point is truly a photographer's playground.

If interested in joining us for future photo walks, check out the Events link on the left side of this page. We have some great ones coming up including the fall colors in Napa Valley, fiireworks in SF and waterfalls in Marin County, just to name a few. You must sign up early for all of these because they fill up quickly.

See you on the next one!


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