New from Leica : Tripod and Ball Heads for the Traveller

The Leica Traveller Tripod ($525.) offers photographers a compact and lightweight professional tripod which makes it ideal when traveling. The tripod is made in Germany of eight layers of high grade carbon. The tripod can be used in a studio or on location. The rubber feet or steel spikes adapt to either a soft or hard surface. With only one adjustment, all tripod legs can be moved out and by disassembling the middle column, the tripod will be lighter and more compact. In addition, there is an optional tripod bag made of tear proof Cordura for easy and safe carrying.

  • Material : Carbon
  • Number of leg segments : 3
  • Max. & min. height : 4ft. 11 29/62 in x 3 5/16 in.
  • Max height excl. center column : 3ft. 11 41/64 in.
  • Packing dimensions : 20 15/32 in.
  • Weight : 2.65 lbs
  • Max. Load : 22.08 lbs

Leica Ballhead 38 (left) and 24.

Made in Germany, the Leica Ball Head 38 ($390.) offers more features than other similar ball heads. Its patented TILT function ensures that the ball moves only in one level, according to a 2-way tilt unit. The 15 STOP knob guarantees precise panoramic pictures as it locks the rotation of the ball in 15 steps. The ball head has an ultra compact quick release system which allows the photographer to mount additional cameras using the optional exchangeable mounting plates easily and quickly. Can be used with all compact cameras including the X-System and the M-System. Max load of 52.92 lb.

Made in Germany, the Leica Ball Head 24 ($285.) is made for small and compact cameras but depending on the leverage effect can be used with a medium weight camera like the Leica M. The simple and effective ball head with its mounting platform and a single locking knob that controls the 360 degrees panning and tilting is perfect for any photographer – the novice to the professional. The camera can be mounted directly to the ball head through the quick release system and ensures a speedy attachment. Max load of  26.46 lb.

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