The Stellar and Lunar from Hasselblad

We have these unique cameras from Hasselblad in stock at Camera West. Come on by, put one in your hands and check out their unique craftsmanship.

The Hasselblad Stellar redefines quality with its elegantly designed aluminum body and metal operation controls. Only the finest materials are used to craft the ergonomic handgrip, making it a beautifully powerful, pocket-sized camera. Exquisite image quality and high-end handling are available for the first time in a truly compact camera. The Stellar collection comprises seven models, each with their own form and style.

Combining traditional skills, the development of special techniques, and a passion for perfection, the Hasselblad Lunar is born from exceptional quality. Lunar is unique because each model is perfected one by one, yet different as only the hand of an artist can make them. The Lunar collection comprises five models, each with their own form and style.

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