Hands On Printing Workshop

Join the staff of Camera West in Walnut Creek and digital photography expert Jason Bradley for a unique seminar. Move beyond computer photo sharing, get off of Facebook and Flickr and do what photographers are meant to do – make prints. Topics include raw processing, developing tips and techniques, color management, using ICC profiles, choosing the right paper and how to make a final print . During this seminar, you will get the opportunity to make a print that you can frame and take home.

Friday and Saturday, October 11th & 12th, 2013

Cost  : $150.
We must limit this to just 14 participants so sign up soon!

Call or email Michael at Camera West in Walnut Creek for more info or to sign up.



Free Presentation by Leica Shooter Gary Copeland

Photo by Gary Copeland

Please join us for an evening with Leica shooter Gary Copeland. Gary is a professional photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. You’ve probably already seen some of his photos, as he has worked with iconic companies like Oakley, Converse, and Arnette Sunglases, just to name a few.

Gary also covers the contemporary music scene, often times documenting events like the South by Southwest Music Festival, among others. Many of his images, all with Leicas are shot for various recording companies. Lately however, Gary has turned to a more personal project : documenting the backstage life of his friends in the metal band Valient Thorr.

Gary will share his photos with us and talk about how Leica fits in so well with his style of shooting.


Saturday, July 27, 2013

5:00pm – 7:00pm
Camera West in Walnut Creek

Please contact Michael at Camera West in Walnut Creek to to assure your spot.


Photo by Gary Copeland

Check out Gary’s website here.

Jack Ottaway : The Compassionate Photographer

Photo © Jack Ottaway

Our good friend and customer Jack Ottaway is currently being featured on the Leica Blog.

Jack describes his photography as a “mash up of ‘street’, environmental portraiture, and reportage/documentary genres,” adding “the common denominator is of course people.”

He currently shoots with the Leica Monochrom because as he describes, the images look “less digital” than the files coming from his previous camera, the M9-P. Besides, when shooting with the M9-P, he was converting most of his work to B&W so acquiring the Monochom made perfect sense. ” I believe that when I am doing the work I do, especially photographing people, black-and-white allows me to bring attention to the expressions and emotions of the subject(s) and to not have a viewer distracted by a colorful environment or clothing.”

Although Jack is “retired”, he now makes photography his day job. Whether he’s making photographs, editing and post-processing photographs, making prints, posting images online, interacting with other photographers or broadening his knowledge related to art and photography, he stays very busy.

“People in any setting are endlessly fascinating to me. Every image with people included is inherently unique. Because I strive to depict life as it is, people are essential elements since they give life to an image.” – Jack Ottaway

Photo © Jack Ottaway

Leica Blog Part 1

Leica Blog Part 2

Jack Ottaway’s website and Flickr site

New Stylish Bags At Camera West

We are proud to announce that we now carry Ona’s fine line of camera bags and accessories.

Ona’s vision is simple: to offer style-conscious photographers and photography enthusiasts camera bags and accessories that complement their life and style. All of their products are handcrafted from premium materials and designed to blend the functionality of traditional camera bags with contemporary styling.

In Swahili, the word ona (pronounced ō’na) means, “to feel,” “to believe,” and “to experience with the eyes.” This is the essence of photography and style.

Check out these unique bags and camera straps at Camera West.


September Photo Walk : Full Moon Over Rat Rock Island

Moonrise over Rat Rock Island

For our September photo walk, Michael is leading us to a small beach near San Rafael in Marin County where we will photograph the full moon as it rises over an island with a very unique name : Rat Rock island.

On Thursday evening, September 19th, the moon will rise just as the sun is setting giving us a rare opportunity to have detail in both the landscape and the moon. This only happens one day a month and on this particular day, we will be lined up perfectly to get an image similar to the photo above.

There are a few tricks however to get clarity in a moonrise photo so Michael will be on hand to help guide you to come up with photos you will be proud of.

Waiting for the moon from Rat Rock Beach

6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Cost  : $25.00

 We must limit this to just 12 participants so sign up soon!

Call or email Michael at Camera West in Walnut Creek for more info or to sign up.