Free : Lightroom 5 with Your New Leica

Leica has announced that the new Adobe Lightroom 5 image editing software now comes with all Leica S, M, X, V and D-Lux cameras.

Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® 5, the latest release of the powerful image-processing software, is now a part of the software package supplied with the current camera models of the Leica S, M, X, V and D-Lux lines. This software is available to Leica camera owners as a free download from the Leica website after registering their new purchase in the owners area. Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® 5 is considered to be the most professional image-processing software currently available, and guarantees ultimate picture quality when used in combination with images captured with Leica cameras and lenses. Its powerful tools enable fast and efficient image organisation, optimisation and presentation options.

Please note: This download is only available to customers who have purchased and registered a new Leica digital camera (excluding V-Lux 40).

If you have an old version of Lightroom, the LR5 upgrade costs $79.

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