Blackhawk Plaza Photo Walk

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Camera West photo walk at Blackhawk Plaza near Danville. We actually held two photo walks since the first one filled up quickly.

Blackhawk Plaza is a shopping center so you would think that the photo opportunities would be quite limited, but not so at this complex. Located in the interior courtyard is a series of small waterfalls, not so shy ducks, and whimsical sculptures.

We met at dusk, set up our tripods and learned how to get that silky smooth look to moving water. As night fell, we then concentrated on shooting the beautiful reflections of multi-colored lights shimmering off the water.

We had a good, enthusiastic group each night and I thank everyone for joining me on this shoot.

On our next photo walk, we will shoot a bicycle race in San Rafael. Sign up while you have a chance as this one is almost filled. Details here.

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