Full Moon Photo Walk from Kirby Cove

With tripods ready, Sandy, Jane and the rest of the group wait for the rising moon .

Thank you to everyone who participated in our moonrise over San Francisco photo walk Friday evening.

The weather was almost too perfect for our full moon shoot as I much prefer having some interesting clouds in the photos but at least the fog stayed away!

Our tripods were set up on Kirby Cove Beach, a beautiful vantage point just west of the north tower of the Golden Gate Bridge where we had a breath-taking water’s edge view of the bridge and the city skyline.

Conrad aims his Canon 300mm f2.8 with a 1.4 converter at a passing container ship.

Right on schedule, the moon made its appearance, here rising above the Bank of America building.

Most of us continued shooting well into the night as the moon rose above the Golden Gate Bridge.

Come join us for future photo walks! Michael from the Walnut Creek store leads one a month which you can access through the Events tab on the left of this page. Sign up early as they all fill up very quickly.

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4 thoughts on “Full Moon Photo Walk from Kirby Cove

  1. Michael, I had passed up on an image I shot at the photo walk until I saw the image you posted of the moon over the Bank of America building. I went back and looked at it again and worked it based on your color and density etc. and now I like it. Thanks for continuously being a role model/teacher!

    • Thanks Paul. I was really hoping for some clouds to add interest to the scene but it wasn’t meant to be unlike the previous month.

      Due to the wind, there was a lot of moisture in the air which presented a challenge in Lightroom. Had to try and bring back some contrast and vibrance to the scene.

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