A 35 Year Leica Friendship

Hal Kam hands a brand new Leica M to Bruce Garner

A wonderful sight to see today here at Camera West in Walnut Creek – Hal presented long time customer Bruce Garner with the new Leica M Typ 240.

What makes this moment extra special is that Hal Kam has known Bruce for over 35 years, selling him many, many Leicas over those years and in the process, the two have become great friends. Bruce was quick to point out however that Hal wasn’t the first person to sell him a Leica. That happened quite a bit before Hal was even born – 1939 to be exact! The camera was a Leica lllc.

We all here at Camera West hope Bruce enjoys his new M and when he’s ready for his next Leica, he knows who to see!

Bruce is all smiles with his new M

Bruce checks out all the details of his new camera

Hal Kam and Bruce Garner, friends for 35 years

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2 thoughts on “A 35 Year Leica Friendship

  1. What a great experience for Bruce! I know how anxious he was to receive his new M. He is a special friend of mine and I am so happy for him. Jim Christie

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