Real or April Fools?

RØDE’s iXY stereo microphone for iOS devices was released in January, and has already gained critical praise from both musical and mainstream media, including a recent Red Dot product award.

The company is quickly emerging as the leader in microphones for Apple’s portable devices, and the i16 aims to consolidate this reputation.

RØDE has announced the i16, a surround sound microphone for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that combines sixteen discrete microphone capsules to capture the user’s surrounding audio environment in broadcast quality.

RØDE’s founder and president, Peter Freedman, explains: “When developing the iXY we were focussed on providing the ultimate in stereo audio capture for iOS devices. But during the project it became that there was a large proportion of the market who wanted to record in complete surround. We’ve taken that seriously and produced the i16.”

The new microphone uses RØDE’s own field recording app, RØDE Rec, to record the sixteen tracks simultaneously at quality up to 24-bit/96kHz.

At the heart of the i16 is an incredible sixteen individual gold-sputtered cardioid condenser capsules, which allows the user a high amount of freedom to record in either surround, stereo, mono, or anywhere in between.

“Once the user records the surrounding environment, software processing inside RØDE Rec will allow them to cancel background noise through phase manipulation of the other channels, working much in the same way as noise-cancelling headphones.” explained Mr Freedman. “In this way the i16 is even more effective at recording dialogue than a traditional shotgun microphone.”

Once the user records the surrounding environment they can then use that track to phase cancel any background noise, very much like noise-cancelling headphones. This results in highly intelligible dialogue and crystal-clear audio.

The i16 is available with both Apple Lightning (iPhone 5, iPad mini) and 30-pin connections. Both are shipping now, with a MSRP of US$399.

So what do you think? Real or April Fools Day Joke?

(Hint : RØDE announced this new product on March 31 – however RØDE is based in Austrailia – and at the time of this announcement, it was April Fools Day in Australia)

A 35 Year Leica Friendship

Hal Kam hands a brand new Leica M to Bruce Garner

A wonderful sight to see today here at Camera West in Walnut Creek – Hal presented long time customer Bruce Garner with the new Leica M Typ 240.

What makes this moment extra special is that Hal Kam has known Bruce for over 35 years, selling him many, many Leicas over those years and in the process, the two have become great friends. Bruce was quick to point out however that Hal wasn’t the first person to sell him a Leica. That happened quite a bit before Hal was even born – 1939 to be exact! The camera was a Leica lllc.

We all here at Camera West hope Bruce enjoys his new M and when he’s ready for his next Leica, he knows who to see!

Bruce is all smiles with his new M

Bruce checks out all the details of his new camera

Hal Kam and Bruce Garner, friends for 35 years

Keep Your Images Safe

ASMP, the leader in business education for imaging professionals, is offering free, The Photographer’s Guide to Copyright.

This new guide is an invaluable tool in helping you understand how to protect still and motion images, and safeguard your work from infringement.

Produced by ASMP and PhotoShelter, this important tool will:

  • help you navigate copyright law
  • enable you to incorporate copyright registration into your workflow
  • offer insights and advice from ASMP experts

Download your copy via the ASMP website.

Canon Ranks As One Of Fortune Magazine’s 2013 World’s Most Admired Companies

Canon Inc., has just been placed on Fortune Magazine’s 2013 World’s Most Admired Companies list. Moving up one spot in 2013 to fourth globally in the Computers category, Canon ranked in the top three for innovation, financial soundness and long-term investment. In addition, the company placed first among corporations based internationally.

Close to 700 companies from 30 countries around the world were analyzed and ranked with the input from 3,800 executives, directors and analysts. The 2013 list was separated into 57 industries ranging from aerospace and defense to trucking, transportation and logistics.

“The companies ranked by Fortune are the most innovative and influential around the world,” said Bunji Yano, senior director and general manager, Corporate Communications, Canon U.S.A. “To simply be a part of this list is an honor in itself, yet to rank so highly exemplifies our dedication to not only our customers, but our employees and the communities we serve.”

For 2013, companies were judged in nine different attributes of recognition including global competitiveness, use of corporate assets and people management.

Sutro Baths Photo Walk

Seal Rocks just below the Cliff House Restaurant. If you look carefully (click on the photo), you'll see a few star trails in the top right. Eight minute exposure at f8, ISO 100.

Thank you to all the participants who joined us on our Camera West Photo Walk out at Sutro Baths in San Francisco last night. We had a good group of enthusiastic night shooters and fortunately the infamous SF fog was a no-show. We concentrated on photographing the rocks just off shore, lit by a full moon with a little bit of help from the lights of the Cliff House Restaurant.

Like ghosts in the night, we patiently waited for our long exposures to record the moonlit seascape.

And check out this beautiful photo below by participant Dan Mauk. He stayed late into the night shooting and it showed as he came up with some incredible images.

Photo by Dan Mauk

If interested in joining us on one of our photo walks, please check out the events link on the left of this page. Hope to see you on one of them soon!