Cataract Creek Waterfalls Photo Walk

Thank you to all the participants who joined me this past weekend to shoot the beautiful waterfalls along Cataract Creek in Marin County.

This photo walk was so popular that I led two groups, one on Saturday and another on Sunday. SInce we’ve had such a dry winter, the waterfalls were at less than ideal flows, but we still had plenty to shoot and everyone seemed to have a great time.

If you want to go out and shoot some waterfalls, check out this earlier how-to blog post from last year, and if you are interested in joining us on our next photo walk, click on the events tab to the left of this post.

James sets up a low angle shot along Cataract Creek

Martha and John shoot the upper pool falls - top photo of this post

Ernie checks his stop watch as he shoots a long exposure

Randy composes his shot near a wall of ferns

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