New Leica S in the House

Leica S Product Specialist Ben Ross (2nd from right) goes over the new Leica S features as Leica Rep Tom Brichta, and customers Steven Foon and Dr. Peter Rowe look on.

Leica’s S Product Specialist Ben Ross visited Camera West in Walnut Creek yesterday bringing with him a shiny new Leica S Typ 006. It was our first opportunity to get trained by Ben on all the new features of this new updated Leica S. I must say it’s quite an impressive camera!

The S has a huge 37.5mp 30x45mm sensor capable of 16-bit color with no low-pass filter, producing unparalleled optical performance with Leica’s S glass.

Of course the S is a real attention-getter and sure enough, customers were all over the new S checking it out.

Leica M9 shooter William Palank tries out the new S.

Camera West Walnut Creek manager Dan Leto shows the new S Calendar to customers Dr. Peter Rowe and Steven Foon. The Leica S-System calendar is a collection of 12 hand-selected images by acclaimed British photographer Rankin.

The new S Typ 006 is not yet in stock but we are taking orders and can get one in your hands soon!

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