March Photo Walk : Sutro Baths at Night

Six minute exposure of Seal Rocks at Sutro Baths. Photo by Michael Maloney (click photo for a larger view)

Join Michael on this photo walk as we shoot long exposures under a nearly full moon at an area called Sutro Baths in San Francisco. Once a recreation area complete with swimming pools, the area is now a photographer’s dream with interesting cement ruins and rock formations and reflecting tidal pools. There is even a sea cave to explore!

Michael will show you how to set up your camera to get proper exposure under the full moon. Photos take on a dreamy, magical look as the long exposures paint your scene. If we’re lucky, we may even witness a beautiful sunset as we set up for our night shoot.

This photo walk is for photographers of all abilities. Only requirements are a camera that will allow you to shoot in bulb mode, a remote release and a sturdy tripod.

Sign up early for this photo walk as it will be limited to just 12 participants.(PHOTO WALK IS FILLED) Call or email Michael to be put on the wait list.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

7:00 PM

Cost : $25.00

Call or email Michael at Camera West in Walnut Creek for more info or to be put on the wait list.



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