An Evening with William Palank

A special thank you to Leica shooter William Palank and to everyone who attended his excellent presentation last night at the Shadelands Arts Center in Walnut Creek.

William showed us a great representation of his work, mostly environmental portraits, as he talked to us about the rewards and challenges of photographing in other countries, most notably his favorite, Ethiopia. His ability to connect with his subjects and put them at ease clearly came through in each of his photos.

He stressed how important it is for us as photographers to learn the stories of the people we photograph. They all have a story to tell, and if we take the time to listen, it will only improve our images.

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William Palank’s website

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6 thoughts on “An Evening with William Palank

  1. Thanks to William Palank and everyone at Camera West for making this presentation possible. William’s lecture and images inform, and inspire. The event also provided an opportunity to see several Bay Area friends and colleagues. Always good to share and re-kindle relationships. Looking forward to Camera West’s next lecture / presentation.

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