New Firmware for the Leica S2, S2-P

Leica Camera announces a new firmware, version, now available for the Leica S2 and S2- P cameras. Registered S2 customers can download the new firmware from the Leica Owners’s Area.

The new firmware will enable the following:

  • Support the new Leica S- Lens: Leica Super- Elmar- S 1:3.5 / 24 mm ASPH.
  • Support the new Leica S- Lens: Leica Vario- Elmar- S 1:3.5- 5.6 / 30- 90 mm ASPH.
  • Support the new Leica S central shutter lenses.
  • Transfer the exact camera white balance setting for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.
  • In exposure mode – shutter speed priority (T-mode), the selected exposure time has priority even if it results to over or underexposure.

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