Special Offer from Rode

RØDE announced a deal where purchasers of a VideoMic Pro or Stereo VideoMic Pro will receive a free copy of Red Giant’s excellent PluralEyes 3 audio synchronization software ($199.00). All you have to do is purchase the mic from an authorized dealer (us!) and register it between now and the end of 2012. You will also receive a free ten year extended warranty from RØDE.

While large sensor camcorders with built-in XLR sockets are becoming increasingly popular there are still many DSLR shooters out there using less sophisticated audio setups who will benefit. The combination of a good quality mic and audio syncing software allows users to either shoot simple multi-camera setups or work with a dedicated external audio recorder in a dual system sound setup.

Dual system sound is still one of the best ways to improve your audio and by using PluralEyes syncing is fast and easy.

Come by Camera West to check out the Rode VideoMic Pro.

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