Small Places = Ambitious Project

Over the past decade, Seattle, WA based photographer Andrew Filer has seeked out and photographed small towns and cities in North Dakota – 866 to be exact.

“I love small places, out-of-the-way places, desolate places, middles of nowheres, ghost towns, and other places that have a name but not much else” said Filer. “I’ve photographed every dot on the North Dakota map, and now I’m planning a new trip through the western US (and possibly Canada) photographing the tiniest places I can find.” 

Filer is planning to publish a book that will feature one photo from from every place in North Dakota that he found. After that , he plans to shoot other states in the west. To fund this ambitious project, he’s turned to Kickstarter. So far he’s raised $3,636.00 fo his $5,000.00 goal.

Check out his Kickstarter page and his Flickr page featuring all the photos he took in North Dakota.

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