November Photo Walk : Fall Colors of Napa Valley

Photo by Michael Maloney

Join Michael as he leads us on a photo walk through the beautiful Napa Valley where we will photograph the splendid fall colors of the vineyards.

November is a great time to explore the vineyards of Napa Valley. There’s a crispness in the morning air which turns the vineyards into a multi-colored canvas of greens and browns and reds and yellows – a photographer’s playground.

Plan to spend the day! Aside from shooting at pre-scouted, colorful locations, we’ll take a late lunch break and socialize at Gott’s, formerly known as Taylor’s Refresher in St. Helena. We’ll also visit the Ansel Adams Gallery at Mumm winery for some inspiration.

Saturday, November 10
Cost : $25.00

Call or email Michael at Camera West in Walnut Creek for more info or to sign up.


Photo by Michael Maloney

Photo by Michael Maloney

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2 thoughts on “November Photo Walk : Fall Colors of Napa Valley

  1. Michael ..You have the touch. How about doing something with our fall tree colors. It is time we appreciated them for they last, whereas in New England they are there for a few days or so as winter cold moves south. Napa Town, even more than St. Helena, has rich colors which should be wider known. Bus tours should be alerted to a drive around Silverado or down Young St.

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