Keeping You Informed

You have most likely noticed the recent multiple blog posts regarding our monthly photo walks, so I thought an explanation was in order. In an effort to keep you, our valued customer informed of the latest news, products, activities and announcements, we have been busy updating the Camera West website.

Part of this update involves getting all of our workshops, seminars and photo walks to be linked to the Events tab you see on the left of this page. When we post an event on our blog, it now automatically appears in the Events page. So when you click on the Events tab, you will be able to check out all of our upcoming events and not miss a single one.

Also remember that the Calendar link will not only list all of the Camera West events, but also other photography events of interest such as the recent Photokina 2012, local camera club meetings, other trade shows, Camera West holiday hours, etc.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy these efforts to keep you more informed!

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