Assigning Yourself a Photo Project

Photo courtesy of Leo Wang

"Working" on my self assigned eagle photo project. Photo courtesy of Leo Wang.

I came from a photojournalism background. Thirty seven years of full-time work for several publications, most recently, 30 years at the San Francisco Chronicle. With my so called “job”, I was shooting every day and when I was not shooting, I was thinking about my next shot.

I miss those days.

Since working here at Camera West, my photography has been pushed to the side. I found that weeks would go by without shooting a meaningful frame. I missed photography despite (or is it because of) being surrounded by cameras and photographers here at Camera West. Hard to get out and shoot when working full-time – many of you know exactly what I mean. You squeeze photography in between work, commuting, family obligations, house cleaning, and laundry. Not nearly enough time it seems to pursue your passion so it tends to get pushed to the side.

But I found a solution.

I’ve assigned myself photo projects. That gets me focused to make the time for photography. One of my current projects is the pursuit of a killer moonrise photo (still looking for it!). The other is a pair of nesting bald eagles – following their progress as they raise two young chicks. These projects are just for me. No clients, no pay, just for the love of photography.

So find yourself a photo project that interests you and pursue it. You’ll find that despite your hectic schedule, you’ll have the time. It’s just a matter of commitment.

An adult bald eagle delivers a fish for her two young chicks nesting in a PG&E tower.

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