A Hands on Look at Leica’s New Cameras

Yesterday, our good friend and Leica rep Tom Brichta brought a pre-production M Monochrom and the new X2 with finder and grip for us to play with here at Camera West in Walnut Creek. These cameras have yet to be released to the public so it was great to get a hands on preview. Tom also shared with us some images he shot with the Monochrom out at Fort Point in San Francisco where he pushed the ISO to 10,000! See the image below and note how even at that high of an ISO, the highlights do not blow out and the deep shadows retain detail. The Monochrome should be available in mid August and the X2 in just a few short weeks.

Camera West customer Steven Foon tries out the new Monochrom

Hal Kam looks at his images on the new X2

Photo by Tom Brichta shot at ISO 10,000. This is an untouched file other than a reduction/jpeg compression.

Check out a few more images from the Monochrom at ISO 10,000 on Tom’s Flickr site : http://www.flickr.com/photos/tom911r7/sets/72157630053854932/

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2 thoughts on “A Hands on Look at Leica’s New Cameras

    • Thanks for the question Stephen. There is no internal filtering in the M-Monochrom. In fact, the M-Monochrom has no color filter array in front of the sensor, meaning it captures more of the available light but cannot perceive color. It also means there is no need for demosaicing (the process of combining color information from adjacent pixels), so higher levels of detail are retained.

      Not sure what you mean about “contrast” filters, but the M-Monochrom does have a menu option to boost contrast within the camera. One could also use colored filters such as yellow, red, green etc… to change the tones in the image.

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