Shoot the Moon

Tomorrow is shaping up to be nearly a perfect opportunity to photograph the moonrise. The moon will rise at 8:01 and the sun will set two minutes later at 8:03. What this means for you the photographer is that the exposure for the moon will be similar to the exposure of the landscape, giving you detail in both.

So where are you going to shoot from? Use this handy app called the Photographer’s Ephemeris to pinpoint exactly where and when the moon will appear, anywhere in the world.

My photo above was taken a few years ago using the Photographer’s Ephemeris. I knew exactly when the moon was to appear behind the windmill. No more guessing or last minute scrambling to get into position!

For tomorrow, the screenshot below is what I plotted in the Photographer’s Ephemeris for a photo of the moon rising above Mt Diablo near Camera West in Walnut Creek. Using the Photographer’s Ephemeris, I know from my chosen shooting location that the moon will rise at 113.5 degrees, appearing above the mountain at 8:35pm. (The moonrise time is later due to the elevation of the mountain.)

It’s that easy so try out this essential app for landscape shooters and go shoot the moon!

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