A New Look!

Those of you who have logged on to our website recently have probably noticed some changes. We’ve been working hard to have the Camera West website deliver to you the latest news and gear in an easy, intuitive way.

You’ll notice the lead, featured photo changes in a slideshow giving you info on our latest products, both new and used. You can also hover your mouse over the image to stop the slideshow, or just scroll through the images with the small arrows on the bottom left corner of the photo. Also new is how you can access this blog, and once on the blog, you can with just one click navigate to any other page of our website.

On the left panel, you’ll find the links for this blog, updates, events, promotions, and new and used equipment. And as before, you can follow Camera West via Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Vimeo and Yelp. Those links are located on the bottom left of the page, along with RSS feeds for the blog and updated inventory.

And, on the subject of new looks…we hope you enjoy this blog’s new makeover!


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