Good News from Nikon

An interesting article from, a Malaysian National News Agency about the production capacity of the Nikon plant in Sendai, Japan.

“With the current 1,600 workers, the factory is producing one unit of camera per minute on a daytime shift with each unit of the D800 variant produced every four hours and the D4 variant every five hours.”

Nikon is targeting to produce 30,000 D800 and 5,000 D4 cameras per month at it’s Sendai, Japan factory, the same one that was destroyed in last year’s 9.0 earthquake. They spent $100 million to repair the facility.

First Look at the Canon EOS C300

Roddy Blelloch shows Dan Leto some of the C300 functions.

Our friend Roddy Blelloch stopped by Camera West in Walnut Creek to show us his new camera – the Canon EOS C300 super 35mm video camera. This camera was just announced a few months ago and Roddy is one of the lucky few to have one in his hands. 
He’ll be putting it to good use as he’s been hired by the SF Symphony and the America’s Cup to do some filming with it.
Roddy is a freelance photographer, cinematographer, and director of photography, based in the San Francisco bay area. Check out his website here.
Roddy tries out a 400mm 2.8 on his C300 in front of a Horseman 4X5

Olympus Brings Back the OM Series Camera

Evoking the classic design of the original OM Series introduced 40 years ago, and transforming it for the modern age, the Olympus OM-D Series is a new and entirely unique Micro Four Thirds camera system. It combines features found in the Olympus E-System DSLR line with those of the compact Olympus PEN Series to meet the requirements of discerning photographers who demand more performance and portability from their interchangeable-lens cameras.
  • 15.93 million image pixel sensor
  • built-in 1.44 million dot electronic viewfinder
  • articulating lcd
  • improved image stabilization system
  • ability to shoot at 9fps
  • full HD movie recording

The camera will be available in black or black/silver versions and will carry an expected street price of $999.99 for the body only, $1099.99 for a kit including a 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 lens, or $1299.99 for a kit including a weather-sealed ED 12-50mm f/3.5-6.3 lens.