Highway 395 Workshop Pics

Hal and Tom led another great Camera West workshop, this one along scenic Highway 395 in the eastern Sierras. They picked a great time to go as you will see in the photos below, including one unexpected surprise…an early season snowfall! Hope you enjoy these photos from Hal and Tom.

Entrance to Bodie State Park
Tom Brichta at Bodie
Hal Kam at Alabama Hills

Archway to Mt Whitney

Bristlecone at 12,000 ft elevation

Bruce Wahlberg packing 3 Leicas

Dennis Sasaki uses a graduated ND filter

Fall color against granite

Photo op at Alabama Hills
Rob Thomas and his Leica M9
Early morning light on tufa formations at Mono Lake

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One thought on “Highway 395 Workshop Pics

  1. Alabama Hills is one of the great places to photograph..Endless potential to explore significant form and light. I'm sure all must have had a memorable time with the unexpected snow and great leadership of Hal and Tom. I'm crying because I wasnt there..

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