Camera West Sports Photography Workshop

The Fast & Furious Twilight Criterium
Sunday, August 7, 2011 4pm to 9pm
Pleasanton, CA
Please join us as Michael Maloney, a 37 year photojournalism veteran and Camera West Walnut Creek staff member, leads this exclusive workshop capturing the visually exciting and dynamic sport of bicycle racing. For this workshop, Michael will lead a small group as he covers the Fast & Furious Twilight Criterium, a series of 40 minute plus races in downtown Pleasanton, CA. There will be numerous chances to photograph the peloton as they streak by at speeds up to 40mph.
It will be a colorful, action-filled series of races offering all kinds of photo possibilities. There is close access to the athletes before, during and after each race. Michael will be right there to guide you to the best spots and to ensure that you get the most out of this event.

What you will will learn in this workshop :

* What makes a good sports photo
* How to set up your camera to increase your chances for capturing action
* How to effectively use your shutter speeds for various effects.
* When to shoot with a long lens or a wide angle and how each
changes the feel of a photo
* Why a monopod is always in a sports shooter’s bag of tricks
* How to use fast and slow shutter fill flash
* How to shoot action at night with and without a flash
* How to position yourself to get the most dynamic image
* Why kneepads are a sports shooter’s best friend
This exclusive workshop is for photographers of all abilities. The only thing that you need to bring is a digital SLR, your best lens and your enthusiasm!

A week or two after the event we will get together at Camera West in Walnut Creek and have a slide show to share all of our images from the day. 

To maximize your learning experience, this workshop will be limited to no more than 6 photographers. Sign up early to reserve your spot!

The cost for this workshop and the follow up session is only $129.

Please contact Michael at Camera West to sign up.


Michael Maloney, our veteran Photojournalist of 30 plus years has photographed Super Bowls, World Series, the Olympics, and an amazing list of other feature, sports, and news events. He brings this experience, amazing photographic enthusiasm, and a teacher’s patience to you with each event. Look for more sports/action events in the near future at Camera West Walnut Creek.