FOX Drama Series ‘House’ Airs Monday – Filmed Entirely with the Canon 5D Mark II

The Canon 5D Mark II has become the first video-capable DSLR to film an entire episode of a US primetime series.
Greg Yaitanes, director of FOX broadcasting company’s medical drama series ‘House’, used the camera, and a selection of Canon’s prime lenses and the 24-70mm and 70-200mm lenses to shoot its season finale airing Monday, May 17. Yaitanes said that he chose the 5D to achieve a shallow depth of field and a “richer look”. He also said he “feels it’s the future”.
In upcoming posts, I’ll be touching on how the video DSLR has gone mainstream. George Lucas, Ron Howard, Robert Rodriguez and many others are discovering the aesthetic and even practical advantages of using the Canon 5D Mark II for their film projects.

From Stills to Moving Pictures

 During my last few years at the San Francisco Chronicle, there was a push by management to drive more readers to SFGate, the Chronicle’s website. They wanted more page hits which equals more online advertising revenue. That was great news for us photographers. We now had the opportunity to publish more photos and produce fun, multimedia packages on the web, including video.

But, there was some initial resistance to video among the photo staff. I was one of them. I’m a photographer, not a videographer was my reasoning. I believed in the incredible power of the still image – still do! But as time went on, I realized that I needed to embrace this new way of communicating. It was either jump on the multimedia bandwagon or be left behind.
So, I jumped on and what a fun ride it’s been!
Shooting video is my new passion and it’s all because of the new high definition video capabilities of digital SLRs. It’’s opened my eyes to a new way of seeing, a refreshing way of communicating.
What I hope to do with my contributions to this blog is guide you through this new emerging technology. It’s an incredible tool for aspiring filmmakers and seasoned film and video veterans. But despite its jaw dropping image quality, it comes with some drawbacks that you need to be aware of.
We’ll go over all of that and much more in upcoming posts, so stay tuned.

Camera West Welcomes Michael Maloney

 Michael Maloney is a veteran bay area photojournalist with 37 years of shooting experience for bay area publications. He recently retired from the SF Chronicle after a distinguished 30 year career with them.

You name it and Michael has probably photographed it.

Although he was a general assignment photographer, meaning he handled all types of assignments, Michael especially enjoyed shooting sports. He’s covered four Super Bowls, the World Series, the Olympics and all kinds of major sports championships. He also has literally traveled around the world on assignment for the Chronicle, taking him to Africa, Europe, Russia, Japan, the Philippines, Australia, Mexico and Canada.

With that kind of experience, we’re fortunate to have him contribute to this blog.

Michael’s latest passion is shooting video with the new DSLRs. He will pass on that passion and knowledge on this blog and also write about his experiences at the Chronicle.

High Dynamic Range Presentation

Thursday June 3rd, 2010
Presented by Wayne Miller

One of the major obstacles of digital photography today is its limited exposure range. As photographers, we often have to make the difficult choice of exposing for either the bright or dark areas in a scene sacrificing one or the other in doing so.

With High Dynamic Range photography, you can more accurately represent a given scene with its full range of varied values, or if you prefer, you can even expand the tonal range beyond realism.

Enter the world of High Dynamic Range photography via this two hour class with certified professional Wayne Miller, and you will see how HDR will allow you to enrich your images far beyond what you thought was possible.

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