New Firmware Update for the Leica X Vario (Typ 107)

Leica has released a firmware update for the X Vario (Typ 107). Update Version 1.1 offers the following :

  • Direct exposure correction in “A” mode and “T” mode the Exposure Value compensation functionality is in direct access on the Thumb Dial.
  • Info button:the info button confirms menu selections in the same way the menu/set button confirms them. It also starts the playback function in video playback mode
  • Flash button: the flash button is now only activated when either the internal flash is opened-up or an external Leica flash is attached
  • Audio Volume: in video playback mode the volume is adjustable via the top and bottom button on back rocker switch
  • Auto ISO : selection of shutter speed times is broadened up to the range of 1s to 1/1000s. If Auto ISO is selected it stays active in M mode also.

Leica S / S2 Firmware Updates

Leica  has released new firmware for the S and S2 cameras. Details as follows :

LEICA S (Type 006) Firmware Update

  • AF Performance: completely new developed AF algorithms and AF drive control for extensive improvements in terms of focus speed, responsiveness, smoothness and precision.
  • Predictive AF: improved predictive object tracking in AF Continuous Mode.
  • Improved GPS precision: Global Positioning System coordinates will only be stored in image data if last signal update is not older than 5 minutes, instead of 24h like former firmware.
  • Support of the new Leica S-lens: Leica Summicron-S 1:2/100mm ASPH.
  • Support of the new lens firmware (all S-lenses).

Leica S2 / S2-P Firmware Update

  • Support for new lens Leica Summicron-S 1:2/100mm ASPH.

http:// Support/Support/Downloads

Leica X ‘Edition Moncler’

Leica Camera in collaboration with Moncler is proud to present the Leica X ‘Edition Moncler’. This collaboration between Leica and Moncler celebrates the treasured values of both brands – heritage, quality and character. The Leica X ‘Edition Moncler’ design reflects Moncler’s famous tricolor DNA with the blue, white and red coloring. There are only 1,500 units worldwide.

The Leica X ‘Edition Moncler’ is available at Camera West and the Leica Store SF for $2,950.

New Compact Flash from Leica – the SF26

The SF26 from Leica  is a compact flash compatible with all current Leica system cameras, including the T and latest M models. The SF26 also has a built-in LED light for video recording and can be tilted for bounce flash. The SF26 is $390. and in stock at Camera West.

Details :

  • Modes : TTL, Slave, LED
  • Guide Number : 20 with 100 ISO
  • LED Output : 30 lux at 1 meter
  • 24-85mm illumination with diffuser & telephoto attachments
  • Power Supply : Two ‘AAA’ batteries
  • Recycle time : .3 – 8 seconds
  • Dimensions : 2.48 x 3.34 x 3.34 inches
  • Weight : 4.05 oz without batteries