Bright Bags from Billingham

Need some color in your life? Camera West and Leica Store SF are proud to announce that we are the exclusive US dealers for the new, bright neon colored Billingham shoulder bags. The Hadley Small, Digital and Pro model bags are now available in neon red, orange and yellow. In stock now at Camera West and our Leica Store SF.

The Hadley Small retails for $299., the Digital for $249. and the Hadley Pro for $369.

Adobe Listens

One of the fears many photographers have about the creative cloud subscription model that Adobe has implemented for Lightroom is what happens should your membership expire? Does all that hard work you did on your images get lost?

Adobe today quietly announced that with the latest version of Lightroom (v5.5) those of you who no longer subscribe to Adobe CC will still be able to use all the functions of Lightroom, just not the develop and the map modules.

You can still open up Lightroom, import & export images, create books, slide shows & web galleries, and even print your images.

Adobe heard our fears and created a solution. Kudos to them!

The Photographer’s Ephemeris: New Web App for Desktop Users

Some important news for you landscape shooters who rely on the indispensable app : The Photographer’s Ephemeris.

On September 2, 2014, TPE for Desktop will be no more. On that date Google will turn off the Google Maps for Flash API, which TPE for Desktop needs. Once that happens, the app will no longer function. But no worries, as the folks at TPE have been busy, giving the old app a feature laden overhaul which is now up and running in beta.

This new version is a web based app and works on the current versions of Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 11. You can access it here:

The new web app includes the same functionality as the old desktop version but it’s so much better.

The first thing you will notice however is that it looks a little different. The celestial events for the day are displayed in the Events Timeline below the map. A chart of the sun and moon’s journey throughout the day is displayed at the bottom of the screen  and it can be toggled on and off to increase map real estate.

New features :

  • Ability to share links.(You can look up a location, set the date and time, and then share the URL of the web page with a friend.)
  • Saved locations can now be used to set the grey pin position as well as the red pin – great for planning both camera and subject placement.
  • You can predict shadows by holding down the shift key (or pressing caps lock). This displays sun and moon shadow lines. If the shadow extends outside the circle, then the sun or moon lies below +6° above the horizon: this is the best time for good light (golden hour) or for positioning the moon against the landscape.
  • The best feature of all – you can now see a Google street level view with a click of a link.

The very best news of all is that TPE for desktop web app is still free!